Where’s The Nude Beach? Anywhere You Want!

Where’s the nude beach?  It’s literally anywhere you want it to be with these awesome tan-through swimsuits and apparel!

Make Anywhere Your Own Nude Beach!

If you’re like us, and spend a lot of time outdoors, you are probably going to get tan-lines in some way, shape, or form.  Its usually no big deal until you decide to wear your favorite top, or that new dress, and realize that you have a giant white X on your back from the racer-back sports bra you went jogging in that afternoon.  And what’s sexier on your guy than that brilliant ‘farmers-tan’ he got after mowing the lawn over the weekend…NOT!  🙂

Well, we found a way to eliminate those funny looking tan-lines.  And, we didn’t have to risk breaking any public nudity or indecency laws to do it.  We simply bought a few shirts and swimsuits from a company on-line, and bam! – our tan-lines were gone for good.

Cooltan is an amazing company that specializes in making light-weight clothing and swimwear nude beach that you can actually wear and get a sun-tan through.  As crazy as that sounds, its true.  We have personally owned several of their swimsuits and shirts for years now, and can personally vouch for the claims made on their site.

The material itself acts like a light SPF suntan lotion.  And what’s really neat about the swim suits is how fast they dry-out after being in the water.  (Which sure beats carrying around a soggy swimsuit after a day at the beach!)



Can’t get to a nude beach to even-out those tan lines?  Then bring the nude beach with you – anywhere you go!


Insiders tip: Cooltan sometimes runs special deals on shipping when you order two or more items.  Sometimes, shipping is even FREE.  However, the specials don’t always show up when you navigate their site. If you have placed an order for two or more swimsuits or shirts, and don’t see a promotion for reduced shipping, please contact customer service to double-check!