Travel Rent Free As A House Sitter – Anywhere In The World

Vacation, Live, Work, and Travel Rent Free!

Travel Rent Free As A House Sitter – Anywhere In The World!

Travel costs can vary greatly, depending on destination and season.  And, once you get where you’re going, the cost of accommodations can quickly eat up the remainder of your travel budget.

So why pay for accommodations when you can stay for free?!

This amazing service will match you with prospective home-owners world-wide who are looking for people like you to look after their respective homes and properties.  Just select your destination and date of travel to check rent free

Stay in beautiful homes in beautiful locations world-wide.  Experience travel like a true “local”.  Enjoy the peace and quiet of vacationing in quaint, country-side locations, or stay right on the beach in a tropical paradise.  If you are somewhat flexible in your travel plans, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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I’ll be the first to admit that I enjoy staying in hotels for one or two night getaways.  It’s nice in those cases to not have to worry about cleaning up the room or making the bed.  But when it comes to extended stays, hotels lack the true comfort and feel of a real home – where you can cook your own meals, wash your own clothes, or even raid the refrigerator if you’re hungry at 2AM 🙂


Don’t settle for cheap, dirty, dive motels.  Travel and live in safety and comfort.  You travel rent freeowe it to yourself and your family to check out this amazing service.  Help home-owners – while they help you!




Insiders Tip: To find a house to sit, select the “Browse houses to sit” tab at the top of the first page.  This is where you can search by location and date.  On this same page, you will find a hyperlink near the bottom that reads “Register as a House Sitter”.  Select this hyperlink to register – its that simple 🙂