Travel And Live On $20 A Day!

The day-to-day grind is incredibly expensive.  I don’t know if you’ve ever really done a detailed audit on your lifestyle, but we have.  And we were shocked at just how much money we’ve spent for virtually nothing.  And by nothing, I mean nothing that makes our lives better, and sometimes makes things even more hectic, stressful, and expensive.  We thought we were doing pretty well when we cut our living expenses by nearly 20 percent, but as we searched for more ways to make our lives easier and less costly, we were absolutely blown-away when we found this guide.  It literally shows you how to travel and live stress free on just $20 a day!

Travel And Live On $20 A Day!

I know what you might be thinking…there’s a “catch”…right?  Well, we are here to tell you that, YES, there IS a catch.  This guide is all about lifestyle changes…that’s the catch 🙂   You will learn how to get out of debt, better manage your money, quit your stressful job and replace it with something that better compliments your new lifestyle, and so much more!

live stress freeHowever, we are not talking about a lifestyle of just sitting in a tiny motor-home and watching analog TV all day.  We are talking about ACTUALLY LIVING YOUR LIFE for a change!  Travel, dine, relax – even pursue a new hobby if you like.  Because the keys to a life of travel and adventure are virtually at your fingertips within these pages.  The author and his wife have been at this for the better part of the last two decades, and will show you how to get the most bang for your (limited) buck imaginable.

Live Stress Free

Did you know that there are places all over the United States where you can stay for free?  How about getting paid to stay somewhere?  Want to take a break from traveling?  Maybe stay in one place for three months?  Six months?  It’s all right here for you to take advantage of!



Insiders Tip: This guide isn’t just for those wanting to chuck it all and remake their lives.  Although it makes a great case to do just that!  It’s for literally anyone who wants to slash their travel or day-to-day expenses, because it makes it possible to do so much more. Just read the testimonials, and you will see how people have put this information to good use.  And finally, even if you are still keen on blowing money indiscriminately 🙂 , this book still makes for a great travel reference guide.  So check it out!