Superior Anti-Virus Software – Keep Your PC Safe And Running At Optimum Speed!

Is your computer running slower than usual?  Do you have anti-virus software installed?  If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, then maybe you should upgrade to a Superior Anti-Virus Software!

Know What’s On Your Computer and Get The Right Tools To Manage It Properly!

As technology advances, and internet speeds increase, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in the slow-lane due to a slow operating system.  At times, your hard-drive can spin for no apparent reason, web-pages can fail to load, and your system can even freeze or completely lock-up, forcing you to reboot or even do a complete manual shut-down. This can result in lost time, lost work, and even lost money.

Don’t let this happen any longer!

Poor system performance can be caused by many, many different factors.  These include lower than optimum storage (memory), cache overloads, memory swapping, disc fragmentation, and unwanted items that get “dropped” onto your system as you navigate the web, such as spy-ware, mail demons, and worst of all, viruses.  Even if you have “optimization tools” and “anti-virus software”, you are not immune to any of this.

Now, we know from years of experience that there is no such thing as “perfect protection”.  But remember, we are in the “computer business”, so we know that some products are far superior than others.  We have tried countless applications, from free “public domain” tools, to some of the most widely used (and expensive) products used by businesses world-wide.  And every single one of these allowed some annoying, and even some VERY BAD STUFF to pass through…some of these which laid dormant on our machines – undetected for weeks at a time!

Your system could be collecting these harmful elements, even if you’re NOT navigating the web.  So what should you do?

Do what we did.  Don’t just guess what’s happening – KNOW what’s actually on your computer right now!

Superior Anti-Virus Software

PC Matic and PC Pitstop are not your typical anti-virus and optimization platforms.  PC Matic consistently beats the top “corporate” programs in virus detection, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg in licensing and renewal fees.  In fact, when you purchase these products, you can install them onto MULTIPLE machines at no extra cost.  And best yet, life-time subscriptions are available for the of just two years worth of protection from some of their bigger, “corporate”, and should we say “less superior” competitors 🙂superior anti-virus software


Insiders Tip:  PC Pitstop offers FREE SYSTEM SCANS that you can perform prior to purchasing any of their products.  We highly recommend trying these FREE services to see exactly what might have already penetrated your operating system. (Go HERE to download a free scan).  Superior Anti-Virus Software doesn’t have to be expensive.  It has to be reliable and efficient.  Don’t just guess what’s on your system – KNOW!