Sexy Bikinis – Made in the USA!

We have found some very sexy bikinis and swimsuits for you – and at great prices too!

Sexy Bikinis Made In the USA!

Bitsys* offers sexy one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece options – all to barely keep you covered 🙂   From the down-right cute, to the down-right daring, all eyes will be on you at your next trip to the beach!

And here’s the best part – the variety of styles and fits are absolutely amazing.  Feeling flirty?  Choose from a wide variety of Bitsys* Scrunch Butt bikinis. Feeling a bit more conservative?  Choose from a wide variety of Bitsys* Monokinis. Feeling naughty? Choose from an even wider variety of Corded, G-string, or Teardrop bikinis…and the list goes on and on and on…

sexy bikinis



* WARNING – Bitsys tends to rotate photos on their site, so there is always a chance that something a bit too risque’ for some peoples’ tastes might appear.  If you are offended by photos of models in minimal beachwear and lingerie, we recommend that you do NOT click on any of the links on this page.

Still reading? 🙂

If the warning above doesn’t bother you, then here is a tip for finding even more great stuff on the Bitsys* website.  On the left side of the main page, you will see the word Home.  Directly under Home, you will see the word Styles. Click on the word Styles, and a list of all the currently available swimsuits will appear directly underneath Styles.  This will not only make your navigation a bit easier, but it will also give you hard-to-find links for Bitsys* Womens Clothing line and Halloween Costumes, which are all just as fun, and sexy, as their bikinis!

And here’s one final tip – because some of these suits are barely there.  You can request a liner to be added to some of the designs for just a few dollars more.  Just how daring you are is all up to you 🙂