Concealed Carry – Online CCW Classes

Did you know that you can obtain a concealed carry permit from the comfort of your own home?  We didn’t either.  But we found this incredibly informative guide during a routine on-line search, and we share it with you here today.

Get Concealed Carry Training From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

There is a lot of confusion among gun owners with regard to CCW law, training, and permitting.  And rightly so…

In a country where the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms, each state, and even many municipalities within each state, have different statutes regarding what gun owners can, and cannot do with weaponry inside of each “boundary”.

Many of these laws vary widely too.  And trying to make sense out of some of the statutes is almost impossible.  First, there are laws regarding types of guns – long guns, hand guns, etc.  Next, there are laws regarding classifications of guns, such as single-shot set-ups, semi-automatic set-ups – you name it.  And last but not least, laws have recently been extended to include ammunition types and counts.  And these statutes seem to get more complicated year after year.  In fact, did you know that there were times when you could actually OPEN CARRY in certain areas where concealed carry was illegal?  It’s bizarre if you think about it…

Learn The Ins and Outs From An Expert

But within all of this randomness and legal jargon, clear-cut answers can be found.  Many dedicated individuals have done some very thorough research and published their findings to end some of this confusion.  And because of one such individual, some of the mysteries surrounding CCW training have been solved.

In his latest work, former CIA Officer Jason Hanson details the amazing facts that allow residents of the 28 (current) states shown in red below to obtain a CCW permit without having to attend day-long classes.

concealed carry

Typically, CCW classes are held at gun ranges and other out of the way locations.  That means you could be in for a full day of classes AND travel if there’s not one nearby.  And if the drive is too long, you might even have to fork-out extra cash for an overnight stay.

Due to Jason’s research, however, many gun owners are now able to eliminate this major inconvenience.  CCW certification can now be had without leaving the comfort of your own home.

And here’s the best part.  On-line training can be completed in a matter of minutes in many cases, because you no longer have to sit through hours of “lectures and demos”.