Government Auctions – The #1 Govt & Seized Auto Guide. Cars Up To 95% Off!

You can find absolutely incredible deals at government auctions!Β  But the key to a successful purchase is knowing the in-and-outs of the process.Β  There are many services available to guide you, but some are better than others…and we believe we have found the best one so far πŸ™‚

Government Auctions and Police Auctions for Cars, Trucks and SUVs!

Touted as “America’s most trusted source for Government seized and surplus car sales”, this government auction “school” will walk you through the process, showing you what to do and how to do it.

THE Auction Guide

Participating in an auction can be fun, and even exciting, when you know what you’re doing.Β  But it can be downright intimidating if you don’t.Β  So be prepared!Β 

Except for the format, buying something at auction is no different than buying that same item somewhere else.Β  You should know exactly what you want, what the fair market price is, and what you are willing to spend.

To prepare for the format, you can access their FREE, value packed, step-by-step tutorials here!

This exclusive service will save you $1,000s and make you a confident buyer.Β  But don’t just take our word for it…

Here are a few Testimonials from actual users!

government auctions

Sold At: Local Gov’t Auction

“Everyone should buy a car this way. I had some fun and got a great deal.”

Client: Christi H. (Laredo, TX)

Vehicle: 2015 BMW 335i

Book Value: $40,163

Purchase Price: $16,000

Savings: $24,163

government auctions

Sold At: Government Auction

“I went to three of the auctions you guys provided, and I bought this Chevy that I’m going to sell and make some extra $$$”

Client: Brandon C. (Modesto, CA)

Vehicle: 2015 Chevrolet Suburban

Book Value: $36,266

Purchase Price: $17,000

Savings: $19,266

government auctions

Sold At: Seized Car Auction

“I couldn’t decide which car I wanted as there was so many but this Ford was a great deal. Thanks.”

Client: Sturgis B. (Pennsylvania)

Vehicle: 2013 Ford Focus

Book Value: $13,354

Purchase Price: $9,000

Savings: $4,354