Golf – Stress Free Golf Swing

This is not your typical golf instruction program.  In fact, it’s probably the polar opposite of everything you might have tried in the past.

Golf Instruction For True Freedom Of Movement – Introducing The Stress-Free Golf Swing

Most golf instruction is “position related”, meaning that your instructor might have you change your address position, your take-away angle, your top-of-swing position, and may even have you manipulate the club on the downswing to achieve a “proper path” into the ball.  This type of instruction may work for some people, but it typically isn’t repeatable unless you can practice and play constantly.  And, the worst part about position-based instruction is that it can be VERY uncomfortable AND put a tremendous amount of stress and strain on your body.

Golf is supposed to be fun, not uncomfortable (or even painful).

What if I told you that there was a way to play better golf, with virtually no practice, and you didn’t have to risk a “practice position” related injury?  Sound to good to be true?  Well, it’s not…

To Play Better Golf, You Need To Be More Consistent and Hit The Ball Further!

Ever watch the pros on TV?  How often do you see them hit a long-iron or fairway wood into a green on their approach shots?  Not very often!  And that is one of the most important reasons why they are able to shoot the scores that they do.  They hit a much higher percentage of greens in regulation than the average golfer, and when they hit the green, they are typically much closer to the hole too.  And this isn’t by chance.  It’s just much, much easier to hit greens in regulation when you’re hitting a 7-iron (or less) all day versus a 3-iron (or more).

So, how can you hit the ball further with virtually no practice?  Well, you could buy new equipment (which can get very expensive).  You could change your swing too – but then – do you have the time and money for even more “positional” golf instruction that probably failed you in the past?  And seriously, do you even want to go down either of those paths again?

To Hit The Ball Further – Just Swing Faster!

What if I told you that you could hit the ball further, MUCH further, by just swinging faster?  Sounds simple enough, right?  So what exactly are we talking about here?

If you can increase your swing speed by just 1 mph, you can gain more than 2 yards in distance (ball flight and path being equal).  If you increase your swing speed by 5 mph, you can gain MORE THAN 12 yards in distance.  But why stop there?  Pick up 10 mph in club-head speed, and we’re looking at roughly 25 MORE YARDS.  See where I’m going with this?

You might be calling bulls*** right now, but this is possible for virtually every golfer of any age or ability.

Remember, “positional” instruction (beyond your address position) is just that – it’s “positional”.  It rarely, if ever, frees-up your swing – which is exactly what you need to do to increase your swing speed.

Now, before you click on any of the links on this page, please keep the following in mind. Good golf, and the higher swing speeds associated with it, are dictated by many factors…the number one factor being CONSISTENCY.

Do This First

So before you jump right in and start swinging for the fences, please do the following:

golf instruction(1) Please review the set-up tips first, especially the ones related to Ben Hogan.  And remember, you want to feel as comfortable as possible. The goal is to increase your distance, your consistency, and MORE IMPORTANTLY – prevent injury.

NOTE: These tips alone may be all that you need!  Many golfers simply lack the basic components of stability to generate speed and gain consistency. And remember, proceed with caution.  No injuries – please!

(2) If (1) above isn’t enough to get you hitting it further and playing better golf, we encourage you to further navigate the site to see if anything else interests you, or feels relevant to YOUR GAME.

golf instruction(3) Once you have gone through (1) and (2) above, click on the Swing Speed Challenge, and go from there…This is where the real fun begins…just be sure to proceed with caution to prevent injuries (so if it feels awkward, please don’t do it).