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Get FREE Backstage Passes!

Concert ticket prices have sky-rocketed over the last decade.  Depending on the venue, artist, and supporting acts, you might pay upwards of $50, $100, or in some cases, even $200 to attend an event headlined by your favorite singer or group.

Is it worth it to pay some of these outrageous fees?  If you’re a true fan IT SURE IS worth it!  But realistically, for many, these inflated prices make concert going a rare treat, at best, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience, at worst.  Regularly attending shows for most of us is just too costly.

And if the high fees weren’t enough, there are other drawbacks to today’s fans that limit their concert going experience.  Hint #1:  Ever tried to photograph or record at the last show you attended?   You can probably get away with it from Row 200, but see what happens to your camera/phone when you’re up front!

It Doesn’t Matter If The Show Is SOLD OUT!

For the prices we have been paying lately, we have constantly searched for ways to enhance our concert going experience to justify the cost.  We looked into renting suites at shows, paying even a little extra for pre-concert meet-and-greets…the whole nine yards…  And then, by pure luck, we stumbled across this guide.

free backstage passesHere, you will find all the information you need to get free concert tickets, free backstage passes, ways to meet the artists personally, and much, much more!free backstage passes

And here’s the best part…Did you know that backstage passes are available to even SOLD OUT shows?  Believe it or not, they are!  Hint #2:  There are different kinds of backstage passes!  This guide not only explains these differences in detail – it also explains how to use them, and even details how you should behave and act while you’re enjoying the show!  Because once you’ve mastered the protocols, there are ways to virtually guarantee another backstage pass the next time that same artist comes to town.

These proven methods work, regardless of the country you’re in or the type/genre of show you want to attend.  So don’t just go to your next concert – experience it!

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