We can all use a little fiction in our lives 🙂  It’s a fun escape from the day-to-day routine of everyday life. You can let your mind wander to a far-away land, or experience the rush of adrenaline through the eyes or actions of your favorite super-hero.

So, expand your entertainment and imagination with some of the great options shown below.

Top FICTION Titles  If you love to read like us, you are always searching for that next great book.  Well, search no more 🙂  Each month we will feature the latest top-selling works in fiction by some of the world’s most respected authors.  And, as a new addition, we will also feature a selected classic title from days gone by.   Go here to see this month’s selections.

fiction101 Famous Quotes From Alice In Wonderland If you are the type of person who likes to have fun and throw-out interesting quotes in conversation, then this is a collection of quotes that you must have.  Use them in public, in private, or right before bedtime to spawn the visions and dreams of your little ones – or your “grown-ups” who are still kids at heart 🙂  And the best part is that it’s virtually FREE.  Check it out here.

fictionIron Man Suit Costume: This is a Do-It-Yourself-Guide for the Ultimate Marvel Fan.  Right now, Iron Man still resides in the world of Fiction.  But as technology advances, the concept  of Iron Man is becoming a Reality.  This suit design is a really cool preliminary link in that chain.  This suit will win over many a fan, and can make you feel young and fearless in the process.  See the suit – it  totally rocks – HERE!


Insider Tip:  This is a category that we plan to have some fun with as we grow our product base.  We run across so many fun things in our travels that it’s sometimes hard to get a handle on what others might like, or be able to afford.  The ultimate goal of this site to find fun, unique, and amazing items at amazing prices.  So don’t be surprised if a major retailer pops-up here from time-to-time, or an item with limited availability shows up and disappears in a matter of weeks.  In those cases, we will give you ample warning on remaining quantities and offer end dates 🙂