Fat Burning Kitchen, 101 Anti-aging Foods, Truthaboutabs Etc

Is your body a fat burning kitchen?  They say “you are what you eat”, but we’ve never actually thought of ourselves as a three-cheese burrito with extra hot sauce and a soda…although we’ve all felt the after-effects 🙂

And what about those “after-effects”?  It’s not the “name” of the food that causes this.  Nor is it the amount of “calories” associated with that food…

Turn Your Body Into A Fat Burning Machine

Instead, we should understand WHAT that food is and how it relates to OUR bodies. The Fat Burning Kitchen can be your guide to better understand how your body recognizes, utilizes, and processes food for YOU!

Fat Burning Kitchen

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Fat Burning Kitchen

Ever notice the amount of food some “skinny” people can put away?  Do you or your friends eat like birds, yet can’t seem to lose any of those extra pounds?  It might not be the “amount” of food that matters in many of those cases.

Your body is designed to regulate many, many, many different processes.  Metabolism alone is such a complicated process that scientists are only now just starting to scratch the surface in unraveling its many twists and turns.  The silver-lining in all this, however, is that there are some very basic principals that are very easy to test (sometimes through simple trial-and-error) and understand.  The key is to find that one, simple key that works best for you, and then push forward…


Each of us is unique.  And although there are certain things that we all have in common, we all process certain foods differently from one another.  This guide shines the light on many of those “troubling” foods, and gives you the tools you need to take control of your health (relative to food), once and for all.