Don’t Learn A New Language

Don’t learn a new language!  Yes, we just typed that.  And yes, we did it to be funny 🙂  But we actually did it to make a point.  If you absolutely had to communicate with someone, but couldn’t speak their language, what would you do?  One alternative would be to hire an interpreter…assuming you could find an interpreter in time, and could afford his/her services.  But what would you do if no one was available, or you didn’t have the money to pay for someone’s help?  What if I told you that there was an affordable electronic translator that could do the talking for you?  Would you be interested?

A Portable Translator That Fits In Your Pocket!

But before we go there, let’s be frank.  Nothing beats learning to understand and speak a foreign language – except maybe leaning to communicate in several!  The benefits of personal interaction and communication can never be replaced by artificial means. The simple tones and minor inflections of a human voice can showcase an entire range of emotions and convey a message in an infinite number of ways.  Even the simplest of gestures and eye contact can change the entire meaning of a conversation (think “sarcasm” and you’ll understand where I’m going with that one…).

So in summary, if you have the time, and want to get the most out a vacation, social gathering, or business transaction with non-native speakers, learn to speak their language.  We have found some of the best programs available for doing just that – Go here to learn a new language.


If you ever find yourself in a jam, and don’t have the time to pick up an new language, we have found a great alternative!

An Electronic Translator That Speaks For You!

electronic translatorFor roughly the price of a single language course, this device can translate up to 17 different languages.  Over 3,000 conversational phrases are available in each language, and words are pronounced in a human voice!  In total, more than 2 million translations are available!  At just over 5x3x0.5 inches, this is a compact, convenient, and virtually indispensable tool for any world traveler.

Go Here To Get One For Yourself!


Insiders Tip:  Please note that similar products are available across a very wide price range.  We are recommending the 17 language system, not only because of the total number of languages, but because of the speaking feature and vast array of conversational phrases.  Other less expensive systems typically have a narrower scope of functionality and feature fewer languages.  Some of the more expensive systems also have limited scope in both functionality and number of languages, but offer more “depth” per individual language.  The final choice, as always, is up to you.  We simply feel that the 17 language system give you the most bang for your buck!





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