Don’t Be A Dummy!

Don’t be a total dummy, learn something new!  No one is an “expert” at everything.  So don’t beat yourself up if a situation arises and you don’t know what to do.  Help is just a few clicks away!

It’s OK To Be A Dummy 🙂

dummyIf you live, or have lived, in the United States, you are probably already familiar with the ‘For Dummies’ book series.  Many, many, many different editions have been sold world-wide too.  So our visitors from outside of the US have also probably run across them at some point in their lives as well.

But did you know that there are roughly 2,500 different ‘For Dummies’ titles available?   That’s incredible!  More than two-thousand subjects have been covered since the first release of “DOS For Dummies”.  And that was all the way back in 1991!

Be The Dummy Who Gets Stuff Done!

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Why is the ‘For Dummies’ series of books being talked about and promoted on a site which primarily features new, unique, or highly discounted items?”.dummy

That’s a valid question, so here’s why:

First off, this category is titled “Reference”.  These are fantastic reference books.

Secondly, as we expand and grow our site in the future, one of our main goals is to provide our visitors with the widest selection of items possible.  In a category such as “Reference”, the ‘For Dummies’ series is about as wide as you can get 🙂

dummyThird, we want to get access to the best possible pricing.  If you’re an avid shopper, you know that this can be difficult at times due to special, but limited, “sales pricing” and availability.  So for items such as this, we aim for the most consistently low pricing and availability possible.

And finally, whenever possible, we will give you a lead-in to “one-stop shopping”.  One that will save you both time and money!

Learn Something New Here!

dummyInsiders Tip:  If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for after selecting a link on this page, just go to the top of the first entry page, regardless of the item displayed, and type your item into the “Books” Search bar at the top of the page.  It’s that simple!







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