Clothing, apparel, and great accessories!

We all need clothing, so why not have fun with it!   And, we all love to save money…right?  So enjoy the savings and variety below.  We have sourced some of the best pricing in clothing and apparel, with some very unique selections 🙂  So be sure to check back as we add even more!

Sexy, sexy, sexy, and very affordable swimwear (and did we mention, sexy 🙂 ?):  Why pay outrageous prices for minimal swimwear?  We have found a great source for the sexiest swimwear that won’t break your budget.   And, if some of the selections are a bit too risque’ for you, you can request custom linings sewn into most suits for just a few dollars more 🙂  Be the center of attention, and show off a little – or a lot!  Update your sexy swimsuit collection NOW.

Where’s The Nude Beach?:  Here is a bit of irony for you…You’re not a nudist, AND you’re not comfortable wearing teeny tiny swimsuits.  You prefer something more conservative, BUT you hate the huge tan-lines left by more conservative attire.  Think you have to settle for tan-lines as a trade-off for your modesty?  Well, think again!  We’ve found THE solution for you!

Build An Entire Wardrobe For Under $100!  This may very well be our greatest find to date.  Words alone can’t even describe it.  Imagine outlet pricing over the internet – then SLASH it!  You can literally replace your entire wardrobe for the cost of a single pair of designer jeans…and by wardrobe, we mean the whole thing – tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, swimwear – even hats and handbags!  Over a million items in inventory, with hundreds more added daily!  Check out this amazing resource HERE!

Adjustable Eye-wear – At An Insanely Affordable Price!  When was the last time you shopped for glasses?  A good pair can cost hundreds of dollars nowadays.  And what if you need a few extra pair for things such as recreation and reading?  Costs can really add up – but there is an alternative… What if I told you that you could  buy just one pair of glasses to meet all of your needs?  Would you be interested?  Go here to learn more!

Please remember to check out all the other amazing deals we’ve found by searching the sub-categories on the left side of this page.  We are constantly on the look-out for new and unique items and services – all at the best prices!  Have fun!  🙂