Inexpensive Adjustable Eye-Glasses!

Need a new pair of eye-glasses?  Need reading glasses, or maybe a back-up to your regular prescription lenses?  Then why not try a pair of adjustable glasses?!

Adjustable Glasses That Won’t Break The Bank

If you’re like us, you’ve probably spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on prescription eye-glasses and contact lenses over the years.  And there always seems to be a trade-off with what you buy.

The less expensive, more durable glasses tend to be heavier and generic looking.  The more expensive, yet stylish glasses, tend to be less durable and easier to break… And what’s even worse is that the expensive ones always seem to be easier to misplace and lose!

Because of this, we generally like to have at least two pair of glasses on hand.  A cheaper, more durable pair for around the house and general recreation (ones that we don’t mind dropping, scratching, or even losing), and a more expensive pair for work and special occasions.

Regardless of how many pairs we’ve had available, however, we’ve still had to continually deal with trips to the optician or eye-doctor, and pay the extra money for prescription adjustments and fittings when something goes wrong.

So we decided to look for a less-expensive alternative…and we found it right here!

20/20 Vision Is Just A Turn Of The Dial Away!

adjustable glassesThese adjustable glasses can correct for both near and far-sighted vision, providing 20/20 correctable adjustment for both eyes.  And get this – they cover a diopter range from -6 to +3!   To put that into perspective, -6 is worse than 20/400!  We couldn’t believe it either, until we tried a pair for ourselves…

Once we got them dialed-in just right, we were absolutely amazed with both the convenience of use and clarity of vision.  They were every bit as good as our inexpensive prescription glasses, and they were much lighter too!

Are they as good as our more expensive prescription glasses?  To be honest, not quite – but we paid a lot of money for those ones, and went through several fittings with our optician.  (They are “close”, though 🙂 ).

So, do you need a pair of “reading” glasses?  Are you looking for an inexpensive alternative to buying a spare, or back-up pair of glasses?  Well look no further!  Your next pair of eye-glasses is just a click away!

Get Your Adjustable Eyewear Here!

Insider’s Tip:  These amazing glasses are now half-off, and for a limited time, shipping is free!  Also, please note that “comparable” glasses have been advertised on TV.  These same TV glasses are also available on this offer site, and are even cheaper than the TV price.  But please be aware.  The “television” glasses are of lesser quality than our recommended offer.  And, more importantly, with the current half-off sale and free shipping, our recommended glasses are actually less expensive than their TV counterparts!    

Also, please be sure to visit your eye-doctor on a regular basis.  These glasses are not a substitute for proper vision care, and should not be used as your primary vision correction device.  They are also not suitable for astigmatism.





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